Visits For February, 2008

Sunday, 24th February 2008

A Tour Of Wexford

A while ago I set off to see some of the standing stones of Wexford, but was turned back by poor weather. Today I decided to retry the trip and to also see some other Wexford monuments, including Wexford's only recorded bit of rock art. Sadly, this lone piece of rock art was not to be found. It lies somewhere in the middle of a plantation, which has recently been 'cleared' leaving the area looking like a demolition site. I don't hold out much hope for this stone unless it was moved before planting.

That aside, the day was quite successful. I saw several standing stones, a fine stone pair, revisited a stone row and a portal tomb, and saw a good selection of bullaun stones (no surprises there!). I'm glad I went back to the stone row. I only managed to see it through a hedge last time and I thought it was rather small. In fact it's massive and wonderful!

The sites took me on a zig-zag trip down and repeatedly across the county, passing through towns and villages I'd not been to before. It's always a pleasure to see new places, but there's something odd about Wexford - when you stop and talk to people they're really friendly, but they don't give you that little raised-index-finger-wave as they drive past on country lanes that you get around the rest of the country.

Croghan Middle (Co. Wexford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Croghan Middle (Co. Wexford)Standing Stone3 New Images
Scurlocksbridge (Co. Wexford)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
New Baun - Newbawn (Co. Wexford)Portal Tomb2 New Images
Clongeen (Co. Wexford)Standing Stone4 New Images
Clongeen (Co. Wexford)Standing Stone2 New Images
Barmoney (Co. Wexford)Stone Pair5 New Images
Greatisland (Co. Wexford)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
Whitechurch (Co. Wexford)Stone Row or Alignment6 New Images
Saintkierans (Co. Wexford)Bullaun Stone2 New Images
The Bell Stone - Kilmannon (Co. Wexford)Bullaun Stone1 New Image
Fence (Co. Wexford)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
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