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Sunday, 11th April 2010

Another Midlands Barrow Cemetery

A while ago I mentioned that I'd tried to look around the rest of the barrows at Great Heath in County Laois, but had not done so because they're dotted around a golf course and I don't fancy getting hit by a stray golf ball. After reviewing the maps and some aerial photographs of the area I saw that the all but one of the barrows are actually around the outside of the golf course and not actually on it.

One thing that the aerial photos showed was that many of the barrows appear to be in thick gorse cover, which makes finding them a bit awkward. Anyway, I thought I'd try anyway and I'm glad I did: only one of the barrows I went looking for was actually unreachable. The rest are all pretty much in the open, although many have their own gorse colonies. Several of the barrows have recently had the gorse bushes burnt off and a huge swathe of the Heath had also been cleared.

I managed to see two ringforts and seven barrows in just two hours. One of the ringforts is now used as a green on the Heath golf course and one of the barrows has been used as the 7th tee. There are still two barrows in the area that I have to see and I'll be back to do as soon as I can. The good thing is that, once I've add them to, I'll have completed another of my goals for this year - 30 sites in Laois.

Another reason for wanting to go to this barrow cemetery was to test out how good barrows show up in 3-D pictures. They're notoriously difficult to convey in a photo unless the angle of the ligt is just right, but hopefully 3-D will help you see them better. I haven't looked at the pictures yet, so we'll have to wait and see!

The Great Heath - Greatheath (Co. Laois)Barrow Cemetery4 New Images
Greatheath (Co. Laois)Ring Fort4 New Images
Greatheath II (Co. Laois)Barrow2 New Images
Greatheath III (Co. Laois)Barrow5 New Images
Greatheath IV (Co. Laois)Barrow3 New Images
Greatheath V (Co. Laois)Barrow5 New Images
Greatheath VI (Co. Laois)Barrow3 New Images
Greatheath VII (Co. Laois)Barrow4 New Images
Greatheath I (Co. Laois)Barrow4 New Images
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