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Monday, 4th May 2009

Another Wicklow Bullaun Hunt

I've recently been corresponding with David about bullaun stones. He has been studying them for his Ph.D. (which is a great subject to take on in my book!) and is one of the few people who has seen more bullaun stones than me. He was kind enough to send me some info on Wicklow bullaun stones and after going through it I saw that he had managed to find several that I haven't yet found. There was only one thing for it ... I would have to head out and try to find them again.

I did manage to locate two that had eluded me and I went back to see one that was guarded by a randy bull when I went to see it before. There were two stones that I didn't manage to locate - a small one at Castletimon and a six-bullaun one at Kilmacoo. The Castletimon one has almost certainly been taken by someone. The Kilmacoo stone, reportedly along with a few others at the site, is now under a thick sea of brambles.

Apart from the bullaun stones I did find, the highlight of the day was seeing a sparrowhawk not far from Kilmacoo.

Bahana (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone4 New Images
Ballintombay Upper I (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone10 New Images
Ballintombay Upper II (Co. Wicklow)Bullaun Stone3 New Images
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